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chicago wedding photographer | dave + ryan | the seville

the seville | streamwood, il
the renaissance hotel | schaumburg, il

dandrwed-1 dandrwed-5 dandrwed-7 dandrwed-9 dandrwed-15 dandrwed-19 dandrwed-21 dandrwed-23 dandrwed-25 dandrwed-27 dandrwed-33 dandrwed-35 dandrwed-39 dandrwed-47 dandrwed-55 dandrwed-59 dandrwed-61 dandrwed-63 dandrwed-67 dandrwed-71 dandrwed-77 dandrwed-85 dandrwed-87 dandrwed-89 dandrwed-101 dandrwed-111 dandrwed-123 dandrwed-137 dandrwed-143 dandrwed-145 dandrwed-151 dandrwed-153 dandrwed-155 dandrwed-157 dandrwed-159 dandrwed-163 dandrwed-165 dandrwed-167 dandrwed-173 dandrwed-179 dandrwed-183 dandrwed-189 dandrwed-191 dandrwed-193 dandrwed-195 dandrwed-199 dandrwed-201 dandrwed-207 dandrwed-209 dandrwed-259 dandrwed-261 dandrwed-263
not only am i a photographer, i am also a bobby pin supplier/hair stylist :)
dandrwed-265 dandrwed-267 dandrwed-279 dandrwed-299 dandrwed-303 dandrwed-311 dandrwed-315 dandrwed-320 dandrwed-359 dandrwed-365 dandrwed-371 dandrwed-373 dandrwed-381 dandrwed-415 dandrwed-421 dandrwed-427 dandrwed-455 dandrwed-459 dandrwed-463 dandrwed-507 dandrwed-549 dandrwed-597 dandrwed-635 dandrwed-642 dandrwed-648 dandrwed-659 dandrwed-733 dandrwed-739 dandrwed-745 dandrwed-749 dandrwed-753 dandrwed-757 dandrwed-759 dandrwed-763 dandrwed-767 dandrwed-775 dandrwed-777 dandrwed-781 dandrwed-797 dandrwed-799 dandrwed-801 dandrwed-809 dandrwed-811 dandrwed-815 dandrwed-821 dandrwed-823 dandrwed-833 dandrwed-843 dandrwed-845 dandrwed-859 dandrwed-881 dandrwed-891 dandrwed-901 dandrwed-915 dandrwed-921 dandrwed-923 dandrwed-985 dandrwed-987 dandrwed-1005 dandrwed-1015 dandrwed-1019 dandrwed-1069 dandrwed-1085 dandrwed-1109 dandrwed-1119 dandrwed-1153 dandrwed-1175 dandrwed-1181 dandrwed-1189 dandrwed-1191 dandrwed-1257 dandrwed-1371 dandrwed-1381 dandrwed-1403 dandrwed-1419 dandrwed-1483 dandrwed-1519 dandrwed-1551 dandrwed-1557 dandrwed-1561 dandrwed-1577 dandrwed-1603 dandrwed-1641 dandrwed-1659 dandrwed-1673 dandrwed-1681 dandrwed-1721 dandrwed-1731 dandrwed-1821 dandrwed-1825 dandrwed-1895 dandrwed-1935 dandrwed-1969

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