Chicago Wedding Photographer
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chicago wedding photographer | jenna + isaac | bridgeport art center skyline loft

Bridgeport Art Center Skyline Loft, Chicago Illinois
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Ceremony Location: Bridgeport Art Center |  Skyline Loft
Reception Location: Same
Wedding Planner:  Susan Lazar Enterprises
Photographer: Jennography is | Jennifer Jackson Photography
Videographer: Andre Velez
Gown Designer:   Caroline DeVillo 
Gown Style:  Mermaid
Bridesmaid Dresses: Varied | “Choose your own”
Flower Girl Dress: Princess Faith “Petal Dress” | Ivory
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Catering: Gibson’s 
Ceremony Celebrant:  Hon. Steven James Bernstein | Public Ceremony
Ketubah Signing: Rabbi Deborah Nesselson
Ceremony music: Chicago Catz
Invitations: “Paper Bouquet – Bel Canto” | Invitation Creations | Highland Park, IL
Florals: Joseph’s | Libertyville, IL
Hair: Art of Hair Design
Make Up Artist: Lisa Pizzello
Groom’s Clothing: Burberry | Bloomingdales
Groomsmen Clothing: Varied; “Choose your own”
Accessories: Tie Bar | Naperville, IL
Wedding Theme: “Casual Elegance”
DIY Touches: Chuppah built by bride’s parents |  Programs by “Edson Lane” bridesmaid’s Etsy store
Ketubah by Jennifer Raichman
Guest Poster by “AnInspiredWedding” | Etsy store

From the Bride:

We met in college, while studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.  We instantly connected and remained together between two different colleges, in different states, finally meeting again in Chicago, IL. Seven years after our first kiss in a grungy Barcelona dance club, we finally tied the knot.  We wanted our wedding to embody casual elegance.  We wanted a funky, alternative venue with lots of dancing room, and decided to bring the outside “in” by having the birch and floral details juxtaposed against a city-skyline view.

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