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chicago wedding photographer | amanda + brad | cafe brauer


Some girls really do grow up dreaming of their prince charming and their wedding day; that special day they get to walk down the aisle and say “yes” to spending the rest of their lives with the man they love. Amanda was that little girl and all of her dreams came true on her wedding day.

To know Amanda and Brad is to witness an honest love. One filled with laughter, support, kindness, and fun. Amanda and Brad met through Brad’s sister [ Amanda’s new sister-in-law :) ], and although it took Brad over a month to build up enough courage to ask her out, it really was love at first site. The spark between them ignited the first time he saw her and their first date simply fueled the fire and made their bond that much stronger.

Amanda and Brad knew that one day they would have a winter wonderland wedding with lots of white, sparkle, and snow. Café Brauer was the perfect location to make their vision come to life. The tables were all aglow with warm light from the candles aligning the center of the tables and also hanging in crystal votives from gorgeous towering florals created by Anthony Gowder Designs. The ceremony space had twinkle lights lining the aisle and dramatically lit, draping as the backdrop. White fluffy feathers made a repeat appearance throughout the day; on their invitations, on personalized gifts for their parents, and the homemade flower girl dress from Ettera Couture on Etsy.

Amanda and Brad wanted their personalities and interests to play a role in the day. The candy table was one of those personal touches. The candy table, which could be found on the balcony over looking the grand hall at Café Brauer, was filled with sparkly, silver wrappers containing sugary goodness. Homemade vintage snowflakes hung on the walls behind the table and their engagement session photographs were framed for all to see.

Amanda and Brad dined at a sweetheart table and behind them yummy desserts were displayed on silver platters and cake stands. Even their cake, by Tispsy Cakes, was blinged out with rind stones and tasted oh so good! After a beautiful dinner prepared by Entertaining Company a late night snack of fresh popcorn and Chicago style hotdogs enticed guests into the north loge. After their snack guests were invited to ham it up inside the photo booth by MJ Photo booth.

Amanda and Brad love fashion so I knew that their wedding attire would be fabulous. They did not disappoint! Amanda was a dream in her Monique Lhullier gown and multi-color sparkle Louboutin’s, and Brad looked dapper in his custom tailored Adrian Park- De Louice suit and Lanvin sneaks. The bridesmaids also wore Monique Lhullier and the guys wore black suits from the Men’s Warehouse. More sparkly accents were found around the ladies necks, on their shoes, on their purses, and on Amanda’s sash and gorgeous headband.

One of my favorite moments from the day was stepping onto the balcony and looking down onto the dance floor of the historic Café Brauer. Guests danced to tunes expertly mixed by Toast and Jam and you could see before you a winter wonderland. Off in one corner I noticed Amanda and Brad taking in all they had dreamed of, and outside powdery white snow fell silently on the landscape.

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