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Holy Cannoli!! | La Cannoleria Rome | Sicilian Bakery, Italy

when in italy a cannoli stop once a day once a week…is a must :)  and when in rome la cannoleria is just the place to stop after visiting the vatican, san pietro basilica, piazza navona and/or castel sant’angelo.  we adore the mini cannolis because you can eat more they are the perfect bit of sweet and savory that will tide you over after a long walk in the warm roman sun.
other good eats you can find at la cannoleria are homemade sicilian jams and marmalades, gelato  on brioche [traditional sicilian way to eat gelato], sicilian wines, tortes and granitas. make this yummy sicilian bakery a must stop when is rome :)
above: totes getting the last of the chocolate mini cannoli and feeling no shame!
above: mini chocolate cannoli before it is in my belly.
la cannoleria is seen above in red *A* pin. piazza navona is *B*. castel sant’angelo is *C* .
vatican city|san pietro basilica is *D*.
please comment below and let me know what you think…  thanks!!

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